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>…Either way, those subways and planes are always going to provide an ideal vector for viruses.  There is no practical way I can see to socially isolate on a plane.  Everyone on board breathes everyone else’s air.  Subways and buses may be even worse because they pack them tighter… spike


The Texas Medical Association put together this list:




They listed travelling by plane as a 7, in the same range as several other things I will not do, barber shop, inside dining at a restaurant, wedding, funeral, playing basketball, football, hugging or shaking hands.


I see that the TMA ranked going to school as a 6.  That one is different in a way: all these other activities are voluntary.  Kids are compelled to go to school.  So… I will hold the line on that: regardless of what the government says, it is still too risky in my opinion.   My recommendation will stay: when in doubt, hold em out.


I see what looks like a good compromise: require all public schools to offer all online school as an option for those who choose it.  Our local school board is offering all-online school this fall.



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