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>…From my understanding, Hawaii also had some of the most draconian lockdown measures in the US…



Hi Dylan, ja, I don’t doubt that if all schools and businesses are required to close and stay closed, the cases will go down, no question.


Then, businesses fail everywhere.  Government revenue drops while immediate need goes up.  Then government can’t pay the bills.  Catastrophe soon follows.  


California is already seeing the distasteful choices ahead and choosing a middle ground wherever possible.  Likely there will be a surge in covid cases as businesses reopen, and government services will need to be reduced severely everywhere.  The state will issue emergency bonds, but they look risky to me.  Our school board is already making deep and painful cuts.  


There’s no point in blaming the governor: no matter what he did, there would be suffering.  Other than President Xi, I don’t see any clear fault.  He was a bastard for trying to cover it up as long as he could, giving it a chance to escape and infect the entire planet.  Other than him, I don’t really see any spectacular failures.






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