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I knew all that, Dan. You don't have to add footnotes every time I write,
do you?  bill w

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> Fanatics are responsible for all of it:  tearing down statues, taking
> names off of buildings and so on.  It is black and white thinking.  If
> Jefferson kept a slave then he is a bad person who has utterly no qualities
> we want to emulate.  I predict that cooler heads will prevail after some
> token things, like moving statues to cemeteries and the like.  For example,
> Robert E. Lee was a very fine person who let his emotion of loyalty
> overcome his rational side (a danger for all conservatives, I should add).
> bill w
> Except that Jefferson owned hundreds of slaves and bought slaves too. See:
> https://www.monticello.org/slavery/slavery-faqs/property/
> It seems to me like he might’ve written about the evils of slavery, but he
> didn’t do much to suffer material discomfort in that regard.
> And Robert E. Lee likewise owned at least two hundred slaves and was quite
> cruel in that capacity. See:
> https://apnews.com/afs:Content:9009420680
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