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Spike - did you see S.O.B.?

I too have wondered about the adulation of movie stars.  Looked at in a
different light, they are people who make their living by pretending to be
someone else.

I think TV and movies are still magic to the common person.  Some think
that if it's on TV or in the movies, it's important, and furthermore, true.
(Haven't I told the story of the soap opera female whose character gave
birth?  She received many cards and presents and gifts as though she was
the character she played.  (cue Inner Sanctum music; or Twilight Zone)).

 I was on TV after a speech about disaster relief and was given my two
minutes of fame.  Afterwards numerous people came up to me with glazed eyes
saying "I saw you on TV!!!"    They just had no idea I was such an
important person.  These were mostly faculty, BTW.  Probably Educ. dept.
 bill w

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> > Think about the American children who have come of age in the last few
> years: they will develop attitudes which will last a lifetime.  They will
> never look to POTUS, probably no entertainers nor sports stars as heroes.
> How do you stretch this to entertainers and sports stars?
> Keith
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> Eh, wishful thinking perhaps Keith.  I fear for us as a society when we
> look
> for guidance to people whose talent is in reading scripts that others
> wrote.
> Thespians do not like to be typecast if they can avoid it.  For that reason
> they will seek out bad guy roles wherever they can get them.  Classic
> example Julie Andrews: she really wanted that role in the dark Victor
> Victoria.  I want to always remember her as Sister Maria or Mary Poppins or
> Jerusha Bromley.
> Consider a very talented actor, Peter Sellers.  He could be anybody.  He
> did
> Dr. Strangelove who was based on Edward Teller.  After having met the
> scientist, I realized that Peter Sellers could do Teller better than Teller
> could do himself.  I found an video years ago with Sellers in which he
> admitted to the host with regard to his lackluster boring interview that he
> really needed a script.  Otherwise he didn't know who he was supposed to
> be.
> There was no Sellers inside him.
> I think of that comment every time I see an entertainer expounding on
> matters outside their expertise: as a group they have no special insights,
> but it is slightly worse than that.  Entertainers of all kinds, sports
> people, rock stars, actors and so forth have insights inferior in a way to
> the masses.   Entertainers live in a distorted world but the masses choose
> leaders and we live in the real world.
> spike
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