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*> The fact nuclear is not being used tells me that noone really believes
> the world is ending from global warming any time soon. *

It tells me environmentalists are not serious people. I agree that climate
change is a problem, but environmentalists go further and claim it is an
existential problem; however in spite of this perceived threat, as grave a
threat as a threat can be, environmentalists have never met a solution that
they didn't hate, they have never heard of an alternate energy source that
might actually be sufficiently large to keep 7.7 billion large mammals
alive and reasonably happy that they endorse. They think hydroelectric
floods too much land and they want existing dams to be dismantled. Desert
solar collecting farms take up too much land, harm wildlife living there
and need unsightly high voltage lines that they claim (without evidence)
cause health problems. Windmills disrupt natural wind patterns, kill birds,
and are ugly and noisy. Tidal power could harm gray seals and
emissions might also disrupt the sensitive marine life*". Geothermal
generators cause earthquakes. And of course there is the power source whose
name must not be spoken, the one that starts with an N.

John K Clark
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