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The Boy Scouts of America are now being criticized for cultural appropriation for our century-old Scouting honor society known as Order of the Arrow.  Apparently Native Americans somehow own flint arrows as cultural private property.  In a twist of irony, those demanding American Boy Scouts remove all references to arrows and feathers allow both for scouts outside the USA, which did not have Native Americans.


OK, so we are told, even though humans used flint arrows everywhere flint could be found until fairly recently, Native Americans own that ancient technology with a patent which never expires, for they were still using that technology long after the rest of the world moved on, and still do in a sense: there are natives who make flint arrow points to sell to tourists to this day.


Question please: if it is cultural appropriation (the newest form of bad behavior) to do anything with Native American anything, to imitate minority fashions, to emulate certain cultural oddities such as rap and hip hop, can someone please explain to me how it isn’t cultural appropriation to learn a foreign language?



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