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This is simply the latest thing that people with any moral conscience and
common sense have to ignore.  Yes, it's outrageous and stupid - most of
all, silly.  Next we will have criticism of white people getting  a tan,
which has to mean, and it cannot mean anything else, trying to be Black.

"This too will pass."

bill w

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> The Boy Scouts of America are now being criticized for cultural
> appropriation for our century-old Scouting honor society known as Order of
> the Arrow.  Apparently Native Americans somehow own flint arrows as
> cultural private property.  In a twist of irony, those demanding American
> Boy Scouts remove all references to arrows and feathers allow both for
> scouts outside the USA, which did not have Native Americans.
> OK, so we are told, even though humans used flint arrows everywhere flint
> could be found until fairly recently, Native Americans own that ancient
> technology with a patent which never expires, for they were still using
> that technology long after the rest of the world moved on, and still do in
> a sense: there are natives who make flint arrow points to sell to tourists
> to this day.
> Question please: if it is cultural appropriation (the newest form of bad
> behavior) to do anything with Native American anything, to imitate minority
> fashions, to emulate certain cultural oddities such as rap and hip hop, can
> someone please explain to me how it isn’t cultural appropriation to learn a
> foreign language?
> spike
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