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Mon Jul 13 14:30:46 UTC 2020

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Subject: [ExI] Loss - was order of the arrow

> I said goodbye to a good friend today, so I am too emotionally drained 
> to deal with the merits or otherwise of scouts and cultural 
> appropriation.  I am too likely to let emotion guide my writing rather
than reason.

I am sorry for the loss, spike.  As we get older we lose so many who matter,
and may eventually wonder what's the point of going on, it gets
lonesome out here at the far end of the curve.   I've known many folks in
that situation, and see myself walking that path now.




You are too kind, MB; this one was a loss not just to me but to all of us.
Steve was a very special guy.  I was one of the very lucky ones: he and I
could go to lunch once in a while.  Steve made a breakthrough discovery in
organ preservation which I hope I can get Tanya Jones (no relation) former
ExI poster and collaborator, to write about.  I haven't seen the results but
she described it vaguely at yesterday's zoomorial.

Plenty of us are at the point in life where we are burying friends and
family members at a tragic frequency.  We are regularly reminded life is
short, decide what you want to do, get er dun now for there may be no

Regarding the point of going on and loneliness: I see the internet as a
lifeline for many of those who are isolated.  Regardless of where you are,
you can find a group of likeminded people, interesting, entertaining,
humble, annoying, absurd, all the stuff you would get at a meat-world party
with normal people except without the possibility of either contagion or
copulation.  Such a deal!  

Imagine in previous times when one was out at the far end of the curve,
before the internet and before Zoom.  Compare to now.  Life is good.  It is
getting better.  MB you are among friends here.


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