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I am not even familiar with the term 'forced socialising'.  As an extreme
introvert (99%ile) I would rebel but I don't think I would be traumatised.

Many in education and sociology believe in the Blank Slate - everyone is
alike; everone has the same potentials.  Stupid.  Won't fact genetic facts.

What do you have to do to get a Master's in Education:  have a pulse and a
Visa card.

Not trying to offend anyone!!  Just telling you my experience.

bill w

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> On 13/07/2020 15:11, billw wrote:
> ben wrote;  Socialising is not a crucial part of everyone's development.
> Of course I have to disagree with this.  A kid who is home-schooled and
> has no interaction with his peers otherwise is going to be a social moron.
> However, suppose the Fall and Spring terms, 2020-2021, is canceled. That is
> far too short a time for any significant disability to happen. It would
> take years.
> Of course.
> There's social development and there's socialising. I was reacting to the
> concept of 'forced socialising', which is a horror to me. Every human needs
> a degree of social development - recognising other human's faces, learning
> to respond to them in a way that doesn't get you beaten up, generally
> developing Theory of Mind, that kind of thing. Beyond that, though, nobody
> should be forced to socialise. Some won't mind, some will hate it, some
> will be traumatised by it.
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> Ben Zaiboc
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