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Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Mon Jul 13 14:52:11 UTC 2020

On 13/07/2020 15:11, billw wrote:
> ben wrote; Socialising is not a crucial part of everyone's development.
> Of course I have to disagree with this.  A kid who is home-schooled 
> and has no interaction with his peers otherwise is going to be a 
> social moron.  However, suppose the Fall and Spring terms, 2020-2021, 
> is canceled. That is far too short a time for any significant 
> disability to happen. It would take years.

Of course.

There's social development and there's socialising. I was reacting to 
the concept of 'forced socialising', which is a horror to me. Every 
human needs a degree of social development - recognising other human's 
faces, learning to respond to them in a way that doesn't get you beaten 
up, generally developing Theory of Mind, that kind of thing. Beyond 
that, though, nobody should be forced to socialise. Some won't mind, 
some will hate it, some will be traumatised by it.

Ben Zaiboc

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