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ben wrote;  Socialising is not a crucial part of everyone's development.

Of course I have to disagree with this.  A kid who is home-schooled and has
no interaction with his peers otherwise is going to be a social moron.
However, suppose the Fall and Spring terms, 2020-2021, is canceled. That is
far too short a time for any significant disability to happen. It would
take years.

bill w

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> On 04/07/2020 18:38, Henry Rivera wrote:
> >
> > The kids who desperately need the social interaction are ones who tend
> > to only get social interaction at school and within their homes. They
> > don’t “socialize” online much like their peers, and they don’t seek
> > out social opportunities. Forced socializing at school by virtue of
> > participating in work groups, lunch, and answering their teachers  is
> > their only practical hope for this crucial part of their development.
> > These kids even not in a pandemic would not be socializing with others
> > if they could help it, and in a pandemic it’s all to easy for them to
> > avoid and stay isolated with little opportunity for any alternative.
> > Many have regressed socially at this time I imagine. Video learning
> > for them may be an option for academic competencies, but it isn’t
> > addressing their social development needs.
> Whoa, hang on there. You seem to be assuming that everyone needs the
> same social interaction in order to be healthy and happy. I can assure
> you, that isn't the case. Why do some people only get significant social
> interaction when they are forced to? Usually because they don't want it
> (and in some cases, can't bear it). Socialising is not a crucial part of
> everyone's development. For some people, social interaction is a
> negative experience, and forcing it won't make that any less true, and
> definitely won't make them any happier or healthier. I speak from
> experience. Treating everyone the same, on the assumption that they are
> all the same is never a good idea.
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