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Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Sun Jul 12 21:22:33 UTC 2020

On 04/07/2020 18:38, Henry Rivera wrote:
> The kids who desperately need the social interaction are ones who tend 
> to only get social interaction at school and within their homes. They 
> don’t “socialize” online much like their peers, and they don’t seek 
> out social opportunities. Forced socializing at school by virtue of 
> participating in work groups, lunch, and answering their teachers  is 
> their only practical hope for this crucial part of their development. 
> These kids even not in a pandemic would not be socializing with others 
> if they could help it, and in a pandemic it’s all to easy for them to 
> avoid and stay isolated with little opportunity for any alternative. 
> Many have regressed socially at this time I imagine. Video learning 
> for them may be an option for academic competencies, but it isn’t 
> addressing their social development needs.

Whoa, hang on there. You seem to be assuming that everyone needs the 
same social interaction in order to be healthy and happy. I can assure 
you, that isn't the case. Why do some people only get significant social 
interaction when they are forced to? Usually because they don't want it 
(and in some cases, can't bear it). Socialising is not a crucial part of 
everyone's development. For some people, social interaction is a 
negative experience, and forcing it won't make that any less true, and 
definitely won't make them any happier or healthier. I speak from 
experience. Treating everyone the same, on the assumption that they are 
all the same is never a good idea.

Ben Zaiboc

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