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>...Spike, there is a straightforward way to satisfy everyone's concerns
about "cultural appropriation."

It would hardly be appropriate for anyone to bitch about the "order of the
arrow" for a boy scout troop who were native americans or had been adopted
into a native tribe even as honorary members.

As far as I know all the tribes had adoption procedures.  There were
hundreds to thousands of such cases where Europenas were adopted into
tribes, not to mention the large number of women who were simply kidnapped
into the tribes.

It would take considerable effort to work out the details, but the proposal
would be for the boy scouts to be adopted into a tribe or tribes.


Hi Keith, 

This has already been done: the Muckleshoot tribe near Enumclaw Washington
adopted Boy Scouts of America in the 1970s.  There was a ceremony and
everything.  This led to even more controversy, for this was before DNA
tests, so it was unclear if the Muckleshoot Chief was more descended from
the Duwamish and Puyallup people or was more... Greek.  Hmmm.  OK, well does
it matter?  Why?  The recent go-around with the politician claiming to be
Native American, then doing a DNA test demonstrating otherwise reminded us
that in some tribes even being 100% Cherokee by DNA doesn't make one a
member of the tribe.  Being far less that 100% by DNA doesn't preclude
becoming a member of the tribe.

In any case, the Muckleshoot now has (or is it Muckleshoots have?) a casino
which supplies the needed funding, so I don't know if their adoption of
Scouts would still be valid (I don't know if we kept up the payments.)  I
might have accidentally discovered an insight with that parenthetical
inquiry in the previous comment.  We moderns tend to think of people as
individuals.  The tribes tend to think of the group as one organism, like an
ant colony in a way, a group of individuals but the organism being all,
holism vs reductionism.


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