[ExI] The use and abuse of Sweden [Re: Sweden]

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Mon Jul 13 18:07:50 UTC 2020

El 2020-07-08 a las 10:44, Keith Henson via extropy-chat escribió:
> John Clark <johnkclark at gmail.com>
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>> It Seems that all those Swedes died for nothing.
> John, it's not over.  

Indeed. As Hegel wrote, "The Owl of Minerva flies only at dusk."

The right has typically used and abused Sweden as the socialist 
nightmare one wants to avoid. (Sweden is neither a nightmare nor very 
socialist.) Now it's the left's turn to abuse Sweden:


John's post may have been inspired by the NY Times article.

This article is so riddled with errors it's hard to know where to begin.

Point-by-point critique that catches most of them:


I almost think badly trained or written AI is drafting these articles 
about Sweden when I see, yet again, the absurd string of words, 
"compared to its Nordic neighbors". Sweden is vastly different from 
Norway and Denmark. One critical way is the higher number of immigrants 
in Sweden. Sweden's immigrants are more likely to be overweight and have 
dark skin (hence lower vitamin D levels) than non-immigrants in Sweden. 
Overweight and insufficient blood levels of vitamin D are strongly 
correlated with poor COVID-19 outcomes.

Americans and others should find better ways to push domestic policies 
than by making up facts about an entirely separate country and culture.

Regardless: the jury is still out.


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