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I have a suggestion:  honoring both the owner of the Washington football
franchise (who caved in to big time corporate sponsors who threatened to
withhold millions of ad revenue), and the origins of the ball itself, I
suggest:  Pigskins.    Guess what that would do to the sales of that
snack?  bill w

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> >>... The green woman from the original series, best Star Trek episode
> evah.
> >>... If we must stay with the whole dermal theme, definitely the Green
> Skins.
> >...I have no use for baseball, so it would not make the least difference
> to
> me what skin color they picked.  But the blue painted Picts were reputed to
> be fierce warriors, enough of a problem that the Romans built a wall clear
> across Briton (I have seen it).  I don't know of any warrior groups that
> painted themselves green.  If a fierce reputation is a requirement, do you
> know of any such groups?
> Keith
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> I have a zen koan for that:
> Baseball schmaseball.
> It was said to have been coined by Buddha's Jewish friend.  The game has
> been played to death, way past death.  Boring.  They need to spice it up
> with some cheerleaders or green women who run around the bases and distract
> the players or something to inject some desperately-needed novelty, sheesh.
> The steroids helped a little (at least you get to see these gorillas swat
> it
> out of the park (but then they try to say that is cheating (oy vey.)))
> spike
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