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Indeed. Looked at on a geological timescale, the size of the hominid
braincase at birth basically inflated like a balloon, incredibly quickly,
right up to the point where it started to cause non-trivial infant
mortality increases.

It has all the hallmarks of the same kind of "arms-race"
sexual-selection-based positive feedback loops that created other
ridiculously outsized anatomical features in other species, just like
peacock tails.

If you didn't have to squeeze a baby head through a female pelvis, it'd
still be happening.

Inducing a positive feedback loop in the general computing capability of a
species seems like a ridiculously transformative thing to do to a universe,
though if a Sysop wanted to "create" sentient life whilst maintaining
plausible deniability, that'd be an extremely clever way to do it.

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> Indeed, in his seminal The Mating Mind
> <https://www.primalpoly.com/the-mating-mind> (2000), Miller argues that
> the human brain itself is primarily a product of sexual rather than natural
> selection: “an entertainment system” designed principally to stimulate and
> attract other brains; in other words, the idea that our incredible
> cognitive abilities have evolved, “like the peacock’s tail, for courtship
> and mating”.
> bill w
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