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>…Indeed. Looked at on a geological timescale, the size of the hominid braincase at birth basically inflated like a balloon, incredibly quickly, right up to the point where it started to cause non-trivial infant mortality increases.


>…It has all the hallmarks of the same kind of "arms-race" sexual-selection-based positive feedback loops that created other ridiculously outsized anatomical features in other species, just like peacock tails.


>…If you didn't have to squeeze a baby head through a female pelvis, it'd still be happening…



Hi Darin, this is the cool thing: our bulbous heads have enabled two enabling technologies: surgical births and the ability to produce sufficient food to supply our enormous brains.  We have removed the two bottlenecks to our progress.  If our heads stopped their ballooning inflation for a couple million years, that process is now ready to resume on our way to becoming the Star Trek Talos people who rebuilt Pike and Vena.


I wanna become the Talos people.  That looks so cool to me.





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