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>…And in fact no church meetings have been broken up (have they?) or anyone arrested for meeting (same Q).  bill w



What if… a church meeting were to be broken up and people arrested?  Then we would be in a situation where people can riot, loot and burn without consequences, but cannot meet to pray to their favorite deity.  


Those of you who know of apocalyptic thought: this is exactly what they have been teaching will happen just before their favorite deity returns from wherever she has been visiting the wicked with burning wrath and saving the faithful.  It would boost those extremists notions like nothing we have ever seen.  It would invite the obvious strategy: just carry protest signs to church.  Or get a pile of trash and firewood out front, set it on fire and claim that it is a riot, therefore legal.  Our legal system would be releasing actual convicted rapists and murderers to make space in prison for… churchgoers.


Honest to evolution, American government power has its inherent limits at all levels, for a good reason.  We are not subjects of the king.  We are not servants of the government.  We are free people.  If another country is reporting a lower covid rate because they have the authority to order the people to do this or that, Americans are still a free people.  


If we hand the government dictatorial powers in order to save us from covid, we have a lot bigger problems than covid.  American who covet the power that other governments have, most Americans have the option to immigrate to those countries and revel in their newfound serfdom.  I choose freedom.  I choose a form of government which limits its own power.  I choose self-reliance, responsibility and accountability for my actions.  







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