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If we hand the government dictatorial powers in order to save us from covid, we have a lot bigger problems than covid.  American who covet the power that other governments have, most Americans have the option to immigrate to those countries and revel in their newfound serfdom.  I choose freedom.  I choose a form of government which limits its own power.  I choose self-reliance, responsibility and accountability for my actions.  


>.….Are you opposed to other rules designed to protect people, like obeying traffic lights?


Stathis Papaioannou



Not at all.  I am opposed to handing Federal government dictatorial powers when it cannot or will not even balance its own budget during full prosperity and peacetime.


If states want to do make rules on giving themselves the authority to make people wear masks and so on, then states need to write that into their constitutions and have their legislatures vote on them.  None of that has happened.



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