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> Are you opposed to other rules designed to protect people, like obeying
> traffic lights?
> If you can’t see the difference between obeying traffic lights and being
> under house arrest, your children forbidden to go to school to see their
> friends, or get swimming lessons, or play sports, or go to church or meet
> with ten other people in person to discuss what government overreach looks
> like….
> well, I would say you’re an idiot, but I know you are not an idiot, and I
> know you can tell the difference. So I must assume freedom is just not that
> important to you.

The principle is the same. I want other people’s and, to be fair, my own
freedom restricted if exercising that freedom is going to kill us. Of
course, there should be a discussion about how this is done, and the speed
limit might be set at 60 km/h rather than a safer 20 km/h, because the
community believes it is OK to sacrifice some lives in order to get to
places faster. A similar cost-benefit analysis needs to be done for public
health matters.

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