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>…  Same people who rave over seatbelts.  …

Freedoms come with a price.  You may have to lose some of them to benefit others.


bill w



BillW, state legislatures mandated seat belts.  Fair game.  They established a legal means of enforcing it, perfectly fair.  The state legislature has not mandated wearing masks.  I see no indication that they are even trying to in California.


Legislatures make law.  The governor does not.  POTUS does not.  The executives cannot enforce a law that does not exist.  So, pass a law.  Wasn’t that simple?  (Hint: no.  (if congress attempted to pass a law requiring facemasks, it would be a 1000 pages (and legislators would be urging their colleagues to hurry and pass it so we could find out what is in it (which is exactly why there is no law requiring masks (aside: this same deadlock occurs in the California legislature even though it is functionally only one party.))))



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