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What is the single most useless thing ever?
Originally Answered: What are the most useless items that exist?

   1. This useless Sign

2) Yup! The bus has all the seats in place

3) Of course this escalator has a purpose

4) Most pointless book ever?

5) ‘The dumbest and most useless street sign’ award goes to this one!

6) Pointless balcony

7) You had one job!

8) Useful gate ever!

9) Now I can sit there and relax after a long walk!

10) Useless leggings!

12) Thank god now I know it has peanuts in them!

13) Take a left and bunnyhop to your destination

14) Left or Right or Straight? I’d rather get back to my home

15) Someone explain me how this thing works

16) Let’s install 5 sinks in this toilet. Just in case!

17) Door for superman?

18) These drawers!

19)Pointless wiper blade

And here goes the final one..

20) Someone has put a UV reflector in his convertible! SMARTY PANTS

Thanks for Scrolling :)

~ Kate
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