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> Ah yes, the good old “it’s being filled with both air and water!”

Or the glass is already 50% volume with rocks or sand (small rocks) or
mercury or any other displacement that prevents more than 50% water to fill
the glass regardless of how much more water is available.

We could probably get spike to figure out how much energy it would take to
completely separate the water via electrolysis at exactly the output of the
faucet.  Likely the heat generated will cause sufficient steam pressure
that will prevent water from reaching the glass.  So much to consider there
with diameter and height of the glass, average temperature of water coming
out of the faucet, mineral content of the water, efficiency and durability
of the anode+cathode, and whether there are easier ways to explode

How "full of water" is a glass at various temperatures and pressures?  Is
it possible to form ice above boiling point with high enough pressure?
That sounds like a fantasy game quest: frozen steam.

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