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Tue Jul 28 04:22:13 UTC 2020

Keith, I was just having a little fun with the head in the jar comment.  I
haven't signed up yet and still need to look into the funding angle (and
get buy in from the spouse), but I'm fully on board with rolling the dice
on cryonics.   Fate willing, I'm still hoping to live long enough for some
aging reversal breakthroughs as well, so I'm hoping to prolong this first
round.  I'm 49, and realizing there are zero guarantees of another day
breathing, I'm already attempting to slow aging through a number of
pharmaceutical and nutriceutical interventions, but have no idea if that
bet will pay off either.

When I read Drexler's book many years ago in my much younger days, it
absolutely blew my mind and got me more interested in futurism than I
already was (BTW, does anyone else miss Mondo 2000 around here?!).   I have
to say though, I'm a bit disappointed how far away we seem to remain from
Drexler's vision of nanotechnology.

Anyways, thanks for all the comments on this thread as it has reminded me I
should fully look into the cephalon package at ALCOR sooner rather than
later, and convince the better half we both should do it.

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> Dylan Distasio <interzone at gmail.com> wrote:
> >From John's cost, it sounds like he's going 'Head in a Jar.'   What about
> you?
> Same.
> They are actually aluminum cans, wired down lids, patient information
> riveted on, copy of paperwork stuffed in with the patient.
> Compared with repairing the damage we know freezing (and death)
> causes, knitting a body off the stump of the neck looks relatively
> easy.  After all, every cell in your body has the complete instruction
> for growing a body.
> I am not trying to sell you on cryonics.  You need to do that yourself
> and it takes an awful lot of background.  Mine came from reviewing
> several drafts of Drexler's book.  (On the other hand, when Alcor had
> only a couple of hundred members about 1/3rd of them traced their
> interest through me.)
> Keith
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