[ExI] Red light for aging eyes

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Tue Jul 28 23:11:52 UTC 2020

Quoting Keith Henson:

> That's already happening.  Like my Mom, I developed age-related
> macular degeneration at about the same age.  She went more or less
> blind, could not read, a disaster since she was an author.

Lately there has been a lot of chatter about photobiomudulation  
therapy using 670 nm deep-red/ near-infrared light to halt and even  
reverse age related damage to the retina such as AMD, glaucoma, and  
RP. I think the consensus theory about how it works is that it  
stimulates mitochondria to fight oxidative stress in the photoreceptor  
cells of the retina, preventing them from dying.

Here are some links to the science:

A few days ago, I hooked up a 40W 660nm deep red LED light bulb sold  
as a plant grow light in my room and I have been using it as my  
reading lamp for a few minutes every night before bed. The 670nm  
therapy bulbs cost hundreds of dollars, but the 660nm grow light cost  
me $40 with shipping on Amazon. The spectral width of LEDs is about  
50nm so I am getting plenty of 670nm light at a bargain price. The  
results haven't been dramatic but I had not been diagnosed with  
anything prior so it is more a preventative for me than anything else.  
Plus I think it takes about two weeks for the effects to become really  
noticeable. But so far it has made my eyes feel more "comfortable" and  
I haven't gotten any migraines since I started using it so I will  
report back in a couple of weeks.

Stuart LaForge

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