[ExI] Who has a vote that counts?

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 20:27:00 UTC 2020

I think this stuff about how it's OK to throw away your vote if you're in
certain states is nuts for two reasons:

1) We're talking about life and death here, and it's crazy to make such a
momentous decision based on polls, especially when you consider how wrong
the polls were in 2016.

2) Regardless of how the November 3 election turns out this nation will
face a constitutional crisis on November 4 because it's virtually certain
Trump will claim the election was fake, and he is never going to relinquish
power without a fight. I don't know if Trump's power grab will be
successful, it depends on how many of his cronies go along with him, but
the larger the popular vote runs against him the less moral authority he
will have, and maybe that will prevent the military from throwing in with
him and they will decide to remain loyal to the constitution. It's the only
hope we have.

John K Clark
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