[ExI] Who has a vote that counts?

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In Australia I tend to vote Greens, which will never run parliament/make
Prime Minister due to its lack of members, but because I live in a regional
town. We have the Great Barrier Reef to the east, the protected Daintree
Rainforest north, and rainforest everywhere else around us, and the local
council does not give any fucks about the endangered wildlife that live in
our areas. So I vote Greens purely so there is some fight in councils and
parliament against doing anything that is going to drive our endangered
animals towards extinction. Without them, our politicians would go
unchecked and everything would die or be destroyed.
*Greens being our hippies that became politicians.
Your Democrat/Republican parties would be closest related to our
Labour/Liberal parties.
2 party systems suck.

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> > On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 1:33 PM John Clark wrote:
> >> I think this stuff about how it's OK to throw away your vote
> >> if you're in certain states is nuts for two reasons:
> >> [...]
> >> 2) [...] it's virtually certain Trump will claim the election was
> >> fake, and he is never going to relinquish power without a fight.
> >> [....] the larger the popular vote runs against him the less moral
> >> authority he will have, [...]
> On 2020-7-29 13:41, Adrian Tymes wrote:  [...]
>  > #2 is a fair point, though: the absolute popular vote may count,
>  > even from "safe" states.
> Seems to me that a vote for a minor party (presumably more sincere than
> tactical) counts at least as much as a vote for the Donkey in measuring
> Trump's unpopularity.
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