[ExI] Who has a vote that counts?

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Extremely interesting.  Where do you know of a one party system outside of
a communist country that works better than a two party one?  We have one
unicameral legislature, Nebraska I think.  I don't know how well that works.

Anyway, glad to hear from Down Under.  Let us hear more from you!  I am
very glad to hear that you are a Green.  Perhaps what we need is a third
party:  Green.   bill w

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> In Australia I tend to vote Greens, which will never run parliament/make
> Prime Minister due to its lack of members, but because I live in a regional
> town. We have the Great Barrier Reef to the east, the protected Daintree
> Rainforest north, and rainforest everywhere else around us, and the local
> council does not give any fucks about the endangered wildlife that live in
> our areas. So I vote Greens purely so there is some fight in councils and
> parliament against doing anything that is going to drive our endangered
> animals towards extinction. Without them, our politicians would go
> unchecked and everything would die or be destroyed.
> *Greens being our hippies that became politicians.
> Your Democrat/Republican parties would be closest related to our
> Labour/Liberal parties.
> 2 party systems suck.
> On Thu., Jul. 30, 2020, 07:16 Anton Sherwood via extropy-chat, <
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>> > On Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 1:33 PM John Clark wrote:
>> >> I think this stuff about how it's OK to throw away your vote
>> >> if you're in certain states is nuts for two reasons:
>> >> [...]
>> >> 2) [...] it's virtually certain Trump will claim the election was
>> >> fake, and he is never going to relinquish power without a fight.
>> >> [....] the larger the popular vote runs against him the less moral
>> >> authority he will have, [...]
>> On 2020-7-29 13:41, Adrian Tymes wrote:  [...]
>>  > #2 is a fair point, though: the absolute popular vote may count,
>>  > even from "safe" states.
>> Seems to me that a vote for a minor party (presumably more sincere than
>> tactical) counts at least as much as a vote for the Donkey in measuring
>> Trump's unpopularity.
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