[ExI] Trump suggests delaying the election

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Fri Jul 31 21:20:52 UTC 2020

Yea, I remember I was so happy that he one the replican nomination.
I was SURE he would never win against Hillary, so I thought her fate was
sealed as the first female president.
I have a friend that doesn't have a good grasp on reality, saying Trump
would Win.
I had to eat my words on that one, thinking he had a better grasp of
reality than I do.

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> * >Remember when folks were saying he did not want to be elected?*
> I remember that on the day Trump announced that he was running for
> president folks were saying he had zero chance of becoming the Republican
> nominee, much less actually becoming president, and those folks actually
> welcomed his candidacy because they thought he was a clown and would
> provide comic relief to an otherwise dull political season. I'm ashamed
> to admit it now but I was one of those folks.
> John K Clark
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