[ExI] Space and religion are the likeliest pathways out of decadence: Ross Douthat

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*> I disagree with Douthat on the points that you mention. But I don't have
> to agree on everything before agreeing on something. In THIS case, I think
> he has good points and solid arguments.*

Even if I'm wrong about religion conferring no net positive value to
society, doesn't the fact that the alleged utility is based on a lie and in
the case of Christianity is utter nonsense, give you pause in assigning an
essential nobility to the various religious franchises? I say nonsense
because if "God becoming furious with the entire human race because just
one of its members ate an apple when told not to, and even though He can do
anything He can't just forgive Humanity, the only way God can forgive all
of humanity is for the Homo sapiens to torture His Son, who is also God and
who He loves very much, to death"  is not nonsense then nothing is nonsense.

 John K Clark
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