[ExI] Space and religion are the likeliest pathways out of decadence: Ross Douthat

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Religions are touted by others and by themselves for all the giving to
charity they do.  However, a close look at the balance sheets shows a
substantial amount going to building funds and missionary work, which
benefit only themselves.  bill w

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> *> I disagree with Douthat on the points that you mention. But I don't
>> have to agree on everything before agreeing on something. In THIS case, I
>> think he has good points and solid arguments.*
> Even if I'm wrong about religion conferring no net positive value to
> society, doesn't the fact that the alleged utility is based on a lie and in
> the case of Christianity is utter nonsense, give you pause in assigning an
> essential nobility to the various religious franchises? I say nonsense
> because if "God becoming furious with the entire human race because just
> one of its members ate an apple when told not to, and even though He can do
> anything He can't just forgive Humanity, the only way God can forgive all
> of humanity is for the Homo sapiens to torture His Son, who is also God and
> who He loves very much, to death"  is not nonsense then nothing is nonsense.
>  John K Clark
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