[ExI] saved by a virus?

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>>…Amid the global warming hysteria, corona virus fears may have reduced
international travel enough to have had a greater impact on carbon dioxide
emissions than any international agreement.  Heh.





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So when we get sick, we can say 'This is for you, Gaia.'


bill w



No BillW, not when we get sick.  We say that when we train the sexbots.  It’s like a self-sacrificing service to humanity and nature.


We go into business together, me lad.  You teach them how to set a table, I teach them the other, we copy the software into each other, double the price, sell them in pairs as buy one get one free.  We could become rich and famous, me lad!  You can be famous, I will do rich.  Somebody has to do it.  This is for you, Gaia.


In the spirit of the effort, I would donate 1% of my gain (net, after tax and such) to Save the Whales.


Oh wait… when those guys surface, they whooooosh out that big plume of spray, attracting awed tourists, who burn fossil fuels to see that, and of course the whoooshy plume is higher in carbon dioxide than the gulp of air he took a coupla minutes before, so those blubbery bastards contribute to global warming (the whales and the tourists (even the thin ones.))  OK, never mind, I will contribute to Nuke the Whales.  This is for you, Gaia.











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