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>>  I took the numbers off that Johns Hopkins site of the number of confirmed cases


>…I don't think those numbers mean much. Due to incredible inept management test kits are very rare so as of yesterday only 1895  people in the entire USA have even been tested, if 401 of them came out positive as you say that's not very good. By contrast as of 4 days ago South Korea had tested 140,000 people, they tested 66,650 people within one week of it first showing up in their country, but then...they had a different leader then the USA does.


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South Korea has tested 74 times as many people and has 113 times the infection rate.


Apparently South Korea’s leader has dropped the ball.  The South Korean people should impeach him immediately, for the US government has demonstrated itself 1.8 times more effective at disease control.


Or… realize that governments protect their people against foreign human invaders, but cannot necessarily protect them against disease.  That isn’t what governments were set up to do.  I don’t know when the people decided that government was responsible for everything.  When did that happen?  Do we really need (or want) the government holding our hand from cradle to grave?




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