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If put into a complete pay as you go health economy, what might happen is that supply and demand start to work and some of the outrageous prices will come down.  What will also happen is that a lot of people won't get good health care and some won't get any.  And do you think that if those programs die the saved money will be put into decreasing the debt?  Ha ha and ha.


bill w





BillW, I am not arguing that any of this would be the chosen path.  Only that economic reality will hit a government which has been living off of borrowing for decades.  Eventually the lenders stop lending.  Then, those programs transition to a pay as you go, regardless of economic needs, regardless of medical needs, absolutely regardless of tax structures.  The Laffer Curve will be a concept every school child will understand and government leaders will learn.


Transitioning these programs to pay as you go is not the path chosen, but rather the path given to us. 



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