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> * > I don’t know when the people decided that government was responsible
> for everything.*

I don't think government is responsible for everything but I also don't
think it's too much to ask that the leader of a country should show at
least a trace of competence.

*> economic reality will hit a government which has been living off of
> borrowing for decades.  Eventually the lenders stop lending.*

You know something spike, I've been hearing that exact same song all my
life and it's never even come close to coming true, and considering that
today interest rates are astonishingly low it's a particularly bad time to
be worrying about it when there are so many other things that are far more
worthy of our concern.

 > *The Laffer Curve will be a concept every school child will understand
> and government leaders will learn.*

All the Laffer Curve says is that taxes shouldn't be too high or too low.
That's it. It doesn't say how high is too high or how low is too low. Not
exactly the most profound thing I've ever heard.

 John K Clark
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