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> >…I don't think government is responsible for everything but I also don't
>> think it's too much to ask that the leader of a country should show at
>> least a trace of competence.
> > *Such as this?*

No not like this. The only reason your figures make the USA look good and
have far fewer confirmed cases than other large western countries is that
the USA has tested far *FAR* fewer people than other large western
countries; and even though it is a world leader in science and has the
largest economy in the world due to leadership problems the USA doesn't
have the capacity to test for more.

So if not like that like what? Like listening to what scientists have to
say about it for one thing, but the news just broke that the CDC
recommended that to help contain the spread of the virus the elderly and
those who are "physically fragile" not fly on commercial airlines, but the
Chief Executive (who has no scientific or even executive ability
whatsoever) overroad the recommendation and ordered the CDC not to tell the
public anything about it. Instead the Commander In Chief believes happy
talk and magical thinking is a good substitute for virus detection kits.
It's one thing to hope for a miracle to happen in April that will make it
all better, it's quite another to expect for one and make plans

John K Clark
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