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> > *I was taking the ratio of confirmed cases to the number of people
> tested.  Using that, the USA still looks good. *

401 confirmed cases out of 1895 people tested works out to one case per 4.7
people, and this is just the start of the epidemic. The USA has a
population of 328 million and the virus has a very slow incubation period
so for all we know 70 million people could already be infected, but we *don't
know* because an idiot is leading the country and only 1895 people out of
328 million have been tested.

> * > North Korea has 1.8 times as many positives per prole tested.*

Huh? North Korea is a Black Hole, nobody knows how many people have been
infected or have died there but it's likely to be much higher than South
Korea because the ruler of that totalitarian country cares as little about
his people as our own dear leader does.

 > *The US doesn’t make these virus testing kits much.*

No country made such kits 2 months ago but some things change and some
things don't, some national leaders had the brains and the desire to make
it a top priority to dramatically ramp up production of the kits, and some
leaders did not.

*> That lack of capacity has little to do with leadership.  It has to do
> with tax structures, labor laws and environmental regulations*

Oh for heaven's sake Spike! Not everything is political and the virus is
not a liberal Democrat, I'm talking about basic leadership competence and
its possible relationship to my personal survival. For 3 years I've been
dreading the day the creature who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would
have to face a real crisis, and it looks like that day has come.

John K Clark
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