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*> John it isn’t the federal government’s job to get test kits for
> everyone.*

It's the federal government’s job to keep the American people safe from
foreign invaders, the invaders were smaller than Mexicans but far more
numerous and far *FAR* more deadly,

> > *The reason I don’t want to see the USA get into that situation is the
> US government is bankrupt. *

Good god, at a time like this you're still worried about a trivial issue
like the budget deficit?

> > *It has been operating under chapter 11 for decades, and there is no
> end in sight. *

No not for decades but (except for 4 years) for neatly 2 CENTURIES the
government has been "operating under chapter 11", and yet here we are with
the strongest economy in the world. Do you really think that if faced with
a devastating epidemic raging through his country, except for Bill Clinton
in his last 4 years, every president in history should have just kept his
hands in his pockets and done nothing? Somehow I think if this thing had
hit 5 years ago you might be saying something slightly different about
presidential actions or the lack of them.

* > none of the current candidates for anything of significance is even
> talking about balancing the budget.*

And that includes Republicans, that's because for some unknown reason
budget deficits only become existential threats during Democratic

By the way, the news just broke that a man infected with COVID-19 virus
attended a mass rally of the American Conservative Union on February 23,
both Donald Trump and Vice Poodle Mike Pence were there. That's the meeting
where Trump kissed and dry humped an American flag onstage.

John K Clark
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