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*> We are borrowing like mad just to cover normal expenses.  Interest rates
> are at unprecedented low levels.  US government debt is setting new records
> every day as a fraction of GDP.  The US is living on borrowed money. *

All that is true, but if you're theory is correct then one of those 4
sentences does not belong with the other 3, namely "Interest rates are at
unprecedented low levels". I must therefore conclude that your theory about
deficit spending is not correct. You didn't mention it but we also have a
very low inflation rate, and that fact is also not compatible with your

> *We are fooling ourselves if we think POTUS is the most powerful man on
> earth. *

Well... I sure can't think of any man more powerful.

*> There are so many restrictions now on what POTUS can do,*

But not *NEARLY* enough!

> * > hell he can’t even negotiate internationally anymore.*

Shure he can, he can even negotiate a trade with a foreign government of
military equipment paid for by taxpayers for a public statement that his
political opponent is being investigated, and the foreign government
doesn't even need to actually do an investigation, all they need to do is
issue a public statement that they are.

*> The next one will have it even worse.*

Worse? POTUS got away with it, and no doubt Donald Junior will get away
with it too after daddy dies and he inherits the crown.

*> The US was once the world leader in science and manufacturing, but isn’t
> now. *

Gee I wonder why.

Trump’s 2021 budget drowns science agencies in red ink, again

Trump once again requests deep cuts in U.S. science spending

 John K Clark
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