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Yes, we can agree on that.   Being in the NYC area and taking a train from a neighboring state regularly, I'm now extremely worried about what is out there due to the inadequate testing (and thermal monitoring at airports or lack thereof) that the current administration is responsible for…




Dylan, never trust a bankrupt government to take care of you.


As a surprising side benefit, my bride commutes 17 miles to Palo Alto every day.  Yesterday was the lightest traffic she has ever seen in 8 years.  What was usually a 75 minute commute was a breezy 28 minutes.


People perish in traffic accidents periodically.  We seem to accept that and put it in a different category from any new risk.  If this virus demonstrates that more people can use technology to work from home, and they discover how convenient it is to do that, these dead shall not have perished in vain, that this nation, under evolution, shall have a new birth of freedom.



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