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>…Spike is not the only guilty person here:  others have referred to people liking to play sports, attend games, and so on, as idiots  brain dead, and worse.


Heh.  Why that bad old spike.  {8-]


Wait how do we know I am not the only guilty person here?  I might be.  {8^D




>…Protesting too much, like Lear's daughters, means the opposite, right?  Reaction formations.  "I am hetero all the way.  Nobody is more hetero than me!"   bill w




BillW, your post gave me a hell of an idea: we could create a hetero contest, with home test kits.  If I am heteroer than thou, perhaps we can find a way to have a showdown.  How cool would it be to figure out a kit of some kind, some way people could measure themselves, to size up their own heteroity or heteroism, so they could know what league or division they wish to compete in.  We rig up some… well… device of some kind, the contestants watch various genres of pornographic video, get measurements, in the privacy of their homes at first, later in open and invitational tournaments.


We could perhpas rig it up to measure response to sporting events too.  BillW, there is a buttload of money to be made.  If we managed to conceal a camera in the home kits with a transmitter there is a second buttload to be made on leaked video and results of unwitting politicians and ministers and such.


Here’s some politically-incorrect humor from a generation ago highlighting the brilliance of Dana Carvey.  If one is old enough to have heard Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather, it is even better:







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