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>>… Spike is not the only guilty person here:  others have referred to people liking to play sports, attend games, and so on, as idiots  brain dead, and worse.


>…There is no disputing matters of taste, it's just that I personally don't find watching rich people exercising to be particularly entertaining. That might change if a little imagination was used in devising new sports to make them a bit more colorful, I humbly suggest Javelin Catching, Landmine Golf, and Nuclear Football. 


 John K Clark     




John I got in trouble last time for suggesting alternative sports.  But hey, it was worth it.  We start with the Olympic winter sport biathlon, so popular with the Nordic people.  But instead of cross country skiing and shooting at targets, they ski and fire at each other.


Sheesh it doesn’t need to be lethal: they can do paintball.  That takes care of John’s suggestion the games be a bit more colorful, as well as being fun to watch.  As soon as we have that, some crazy yahoo will suggest naked paintball biathlon.  Oh the money to be made here, mercy.









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