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>…I had a very pessimistic estimate of our chances of avoiding infection…Time will tell…Rafal



My own skepticism has been refuted by the actions of our community and school board.  They cancelled school for the next two weeks, and possibly the week following, which would join it with spring break, so perhaps 4 wks off school.  How shall we cope? they wailed in pathetic unison.


The school board implemented online learning, arranged for teachers and staff to do their meetings and classes online with Skype and FaceTime.  They set up and are running with community volunteers, their food-insecurity program: a way to feed the locals and take care of the offspring while the parents trundle off to the office or coal mine.  People on opposite ends of the political spectrum worked together in perfect unison and produced success.  My bride and I are considering contributing some funds and joining the volunteers to distribute swill to the starving masses, and averting immediate catastrophe by distributing toilet paper (genuine (one sheet at a time.))


To sum it up: the school system’s contingency planning seems to be working.  There have been no covid cases reported locally although Lockheed Sunnyvale had a positive and some people came in contact there.


The social distancing is halting not only covid but also the usual flu and colds which have been going around.  I predicted failure, but was pleased to be proven wrong.  So wrong was I on that, I won’t even bother posting mildly entertaining wisecracks to entertain the proletariat.  The school did a great job, the plan worked, the shutdown was orderly, and I will postpone the silliness to use on some other absurdity.  Even though this wasn’t the case this time, our world will not run short of absurdities upon which to exercise my gift, and of course my exceeding modesty.



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