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>.I can't say what this reveals about Italy, .


Ben you mentioned Italy.  I never did get there.  Read on please.


Editorials in the press are suggesting this national day of prayer is a good
thing.  The article is accompanied by people in a prayer ring, participating
in exactly the kind of behavior which would spread disease.  I would prefer
the counterpart to that, an evolution ring, which is one where the
participants form a circle of much larger radius and wave at each other from
a respectful distance.


Italy: the predominant religion there has a practice where a religious
leader feeds bread to the (not even starving) masses in the ironically-named
"mass."  This of course provides the most perfect vector imaginable for


Idea: promote the photon.  The photon is massless, but photons transmit
information.  So. we harness the power of the photon to promote the massless
mass.  The ceremony is transmitted over Skype or FaceTime, as our current
local school system is transmitting its classwork.  The schools are showing
us the way to transition to the massless mass and reduce mass transit to
less transit.  Reduce disease: move bits, not butts.




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