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> Julian Assange is one of ours (from about 1995 to about 2000.) 


>…Yes, but that's not something this list should be proud of. People are dead because of him…


Seth Rich?  I don’t accept that notion.  It might have been an ordinary robbery in which the robbers forgot to actually steal anything.


>…and before this is over he may end up killing you and me too…


I haven’t passed anything to Assange.  I don’t plan to.


>…If Julian Assange had never been born the Covid-19 virus would not be spreading as rapidly through the US population…


Assange has Covid-19?


>…as it is now because much more aggressive measures would have been taken to slow it down.  John K Clark


The line of reasoning here is tenuous indeed.  Aggressive actions are not being taken because of fear of WikiLeaks?


Do elaborate please.



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