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He’s blaming Trump’s win in 2016 on Assange.






Indeed sir?  I don’t understand how WikiLeaks could have contributed to that.  The information posted on Wiki was not even classified, and Assange didn’t leak it, he only published what someone else leaked.  


On the other hand, actual classified information was found on an unsecured server and was published not by WikiLeaks but by a Chinese news source.  Neither the Chinese news source nor Assange hold or ever held US citizenship.  Both were merely publishers, who we do not generally hold accountable for publishing leaks.


The actual leak of the Secretary of State material was never revealed, but classified material was found on the laptop of a felon Carlos Danger, who was caught by the local constabulary after he was posting inappropriate material to a teenage girl.  Her father saw it, reported it to the authorities, the laptop was seized, authorities discovered the information, passed it to the FBI, no one was ever charged.


WikiLeaks had nothing to do with any of that.


I don’t understand how Assange is being blamed for something Carlos Danger did, or rather whoever leaked the information to Danger.  I suspect Mrs. Danger was the culprit, but for some mysterious reason she has never faced legal consequences.


Dan I am puzzled.



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