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>…OK you asked for it. Nobody knows how many Americans Julian Assange will end up killing it will almost certainly be in the thousands…


With what weapon please?


>…C'mon ... i don't have to use a gun to kill you…


Of course.


>…If insightful speculation about cause/effect is also going to be derided like discussion of politics (but, strangely, not qualia) then this list might already be dead.   Certainly many if those who once civilly contributed alternative views with their own insight have left this party…


Sure.  What has this to do with Julian Assange?


>…With the wave of a pen and smug smile, Trump has…


Trump?  I am asking what Julian Assange did wrong and how Julian Assange killed anyone.


>…We need some politicians accountable to those pens we gave them…


Assange isn’t a politician.  He’s a publisher.  We can make all manner of speculations about how things would be different if this or if that, but none of it answers anything about internet trolls, openness, WikiLeaks or Julian Assange.





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