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>> Nobody knows how many Americans Julian Assange will end up killing it
>> will almost certainly be in the thousands…

> *>With what weapon please?*

Oh for God's sake!

>> I just hope it's not in the millions...
> *>Did he get a nuclear weapon?*

Ask me a serious question and I'll give you a serious answer.

>>…Julian Assange Is a useful idiot, a tool of former KGB agent Vladimir
>> Putin…
> *> Have you any evidence of this?*

Yes. And if you read the Mueller report and not a summary of it made by
Trump stooge William Barr you'd have evidence of it too. Or listen to sworn
testimony by witnesses in the impeachment hearing. Or just read The new
York Times. Or The Washington Post. Or even The Wall Street Journal. Or got
information from just about anywhere except of course for state run Trump
TV, aka Fox News.

*> Assange isn’t a politician.  *

True he isn’t a politician but I'll tell you what he is, Julian Assange is
a professional hypocrite who claims to be a libertarian but has done
everything in his power to help the most anti-libertarian person
conceivable become the most powerful man in the world.

> *> He’s a publisher.*

Remember the Maine? Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst were
publishers too and without them there would not have been a Spanish
American War in 1898. Julian Assange won't make as much money off of yellow
journalism as they did but he'll almost certainly end up killing more
people, perhaps vastly more.

John K Clark
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