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>> Nobody knows how many Americans Julian Assange will end up killing it will almost certainly be in the thousands…


>With what weapon please?


>…Oh for God's sake!


Who’s sake?  John have you taken up religion on us?


>> I just hope it's not in the millions...


>…Ask me a serious question and I'll give you a serious answer.


OK.  How does Julian Assange plan to kill millions?


>>…Julian Assange Is a useful idiot, a tool of former KGB agent Vladimir Putin…

> Have you any evidence of this?


>…Yes. And if you read the Mueller report and not a summary of it made by Trump stooge William Barr you'd have evidence of it too…


I see.  So you read the report and found the evidence in there, but refuse to share it with us?


>…Or listen to sworn testimony by witnesses in the impeachment hearing…


I don’t recall a word about Julian Assange.


>…Or just read The new York Times…


Did they run an article about a plot by Julian Assange?


>…Or The Washington Post.


Did they run an article about a plot by Julian Assange?


>….Or even The Wall Street Journal…


Did they run an article about a plot by Julian Assange?


>…Or got information from just about anywhere except of course for state run Trump TV, aka Fox News…


Or rather you, John.  You are the only person I have ever heard suggesting Julian Assange is plotting to kill millions.


>> Assange isn’t a politician.  


>…True he isn’t a politician but I'll tell you what he is, Julian Assange is a professional hypocrite who claims to be a libertarian but has done everything in his power to help the most anti-libertarian person conceivable become the most powerful man in the world…


I don’t recall his taking sides.  He publishes stuff people post to him.  Do explain yourself please.



>> He’s a publisher.


Remember the Maine? Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst were publishers too and without them there would not have been a Spanish American War in 1898…


No John.  Those guys were US citizens.  They pledged allegiance to the USA.  Julian Assange is Australian.


>…Julian Assange won't make as much money off of yellow journalism as they did but he'll almost certainly end up killing more people, perhaps vastly more.  John K Clark


Have you a trace of evidence Julian Assange is hoping to make money killing people?  He isn’t even in that business.


Do not just keep repeating absurd accusations.  Offer some evidence.  Break down your line of reasoning.  Show us that Julian Assange is motivated by politics.  I recall that his motive was exposing as much political everything as he could, with no particular regard for which side of what party, for he never demonstrated he knew about American pollical parties or cared which won.  I don’t see any evidence he does now.  


The weirdness of the accusation is that it accuses the guy way down at the end of the line, who isn’t even an American.  If information that harmed any political party appeared on WikiLeaks, someone did something wrong, then someone wrote about it, then someone failed to secure his server, then someone gained access to it somehow, then someone transmitted the information (which is the leak) to WikiLeaks.  All Julian did was publish it, which is what publishers do.


I blame the guy who actually did something wrong.  In that chain, where is the blame for whoever leaked the information, and whoever wrote it to start with?  Where is the blame for whoever did whatever misdeeds generated the leaked information?  It seems logical to me to place the blame at the start of that process rather than the end.


John you come across like the bad guy in the old Scooby Doo show, where he always snarled “I would have gotten away with it too… had it not been for those meddling KIDS!”  OK sure.  But the guy at fault is the bad guy, not the meddling kids who contributed to getting him caught.


Openness is a good thing.






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