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> …Human groups have been subjected to different selections and as a
result, vary in important ways at the group level.  If you can
identify a person by race, that's a useful criterion for what behavior
you can expect in interacting with them.  Cooperation for example…



Whether or not it is legitimate, we can likely all agree that cops do this sort of thing every day.  Politicians do this, with their open admission they use demographics in election strategies.  They guess the behavior of the individual based on their skin color and configuration of their genitals.  Right or wrong, the behavior is present in humans.


As BillW points out, fear is our biggest motivator.  I have been working toward harnessing that for marketing purposes for years in our society where actual danger has been falling for decades.  After all that pondering, I was completely skunked, taken by surprise, as the sheer panic over covid led the faceless masses to horde… toilet paper.  They were buying up… toilet paper.  I soooo missed that wave, damn.


Somehow it seems to have escaped the masses that if you run out of food, you don’t need the TP.  But then I found out why, as I waited in line.  Somebody sneezed and a dozen people shit their pants.


It worries me that so many otherwise intelligent people can follow the herd into irrational behavior. 





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